For events where music is not the main focus of the event, or where you require speech re-enforcement systems, our range of Speech and Background music systems are perfect.

We can supply simple self-contained systems, which are battery powered and include 2 hand held radio microphones (Headset and Lapel microphones can be supplied on request) as well as the ability to play background music through a USB stick or any device with a headphone connection.

These are ideal for short duration speeches in locations where power is not available but are also equally suited to indoor spaces where a quick, fuss free set-up is required. For slightly larger areas still requiring the same flexibility, we can configure two systems for use together.

For larger events and weddings, we have a range of larger packages, and these can be tailored to any size venue. We can supply cabled or wireless microphones, as well as playback equipment. Some of our DIY PA systems can also be varied to allow for disco use as well as speeches at the event. For marquee weddings and larger events, we will often recommend the use of additional speakers – this is not necessarily for increased volume; instead it allows for a better spread of sound without suffering from the volume being too loud at the front of the room but inaudible at the back.

As well as Weddings and Conferences, we also provide these services to outdoor events where a large crowd is expected. Our experienced team will be happy to meet with you on site to discuss proposed loudspeaker positioning. If a larger system is required, but no power supply is available this is not necessarily a problem as a small temporary power installation can be included as part of your bespoke quotation.