Terms and Conditions of Hire

All equipment is supplied on the following terms


Ownership of Equipment
All equipment hired from StageGear Rentals Ltd (us/we) remains the sole property of us or any company from which a sub-hire may have been effected. The Hirer must not in any way dispose of the equipment by way of sale, lease, lease hire, loan or pledge the equipment by way of mortgage, security or any other means to any third party.
The hirer is responsible for returning the equipment in good working condition at the end of the hire period or shall be liable to pay us the cost of replacement of the same or equivalent new equipment.
No equipment may be taken outside the mainland of England and Wales or on any boat (save River Crossing or Isle of Wight Ferry) or aircraft without the express consent of StageGear Rentals Ltd.

Periods of hire

Casual / Short Term Hire
The minimum period of hire shall be one day for equipment without an operator.

Contract / Long Term Hire
Minimum period of hire shall be six calendar months.
Termination of hire requires one month”s notice of termination advised to StageGear Rentals Ltd in writing. In the event that a contract is terminated by the hirer before the completion of the contract term then we reserve the right to amend the hire charge in ratio of the number of full and part months completed.

Consumables and Equipment Supplies
When consumables (e.g. Batteries, Gaffer Tape, Cable Ties, Recording or Electronic Media etc) are used in connection with a hire these will be chargeable at normal retail prices.
Where equipment is supplied at the same time as a Hire or a special build of staging etc undertaken these will be chargeable at retail prices / cost of build etc.

Delivery / Collection / Engineering Services
When StageGear Rentals provides a delivery / collection or Engineering services the following minimum charges will apply:
Loading ¼ man hours
Delivery / Travel time ½ man hours
Set up of equipment 1 man hour
Operation / Stand by time 1 man hour
Collection / Travel time ½ man hours
Unloading ¼ man hours

Where event requires two or more people for set-up / operation
Travel Time 1 man hours
Operation /Stand by 2 man hours per second & subsequent person.
Where event requires attendance on more than one day travel time becomes payable for each day.
Note: Loading time is dependent on quantity of equipment required.
Delivery / Travel Time is dependant on Location of Event.

When StageGear Rentals provides a delivery / collection or Engineering Service a charge will be made dependant on distance between our base and location of Event for each journey made.
Where more than 2 persons are required to provide engineering services normally there will be additional vehicles involved and charge will reflect this use.


Casual/Short Term Hire 1 – 7 days
Payment on or before delivery of any equipment to the Hirer

7 days to five months
First Period up to 31st day of first full month of hire due on or before delivery of any equipment to the Hirer.
Subsequent periods due monthly on or before 1st day of new period.

Contract/Long Term Hire
Invoices will be rendered on first day of hire for period up to 31st of first full month of contract. Thereafter monthly on 1st day of Month.Payment terms 15 days from date of invoice

Late Payment
In the event that payment of any invoice is not received by the StageGear Rentals by the due date, then StageGear Rentals may at their discretion, collect the equipment, add interest at the rate of 2.5 % per day on the value of all charges on the invoice, make charges for letters, faxes, phones calls, travel cost and time etc made to attempt recovery / payment and also place the overdue account with their credit managers, for appropriate action, whose debt recovery charges shall be added to the hire charge and payable by the hirer.
A minimum charge of £10.00 may be made for any late payment.

Retention of Title
Title in any equipment or consumables (e.g. recording tapes and the copyright to any recording made thereon) does not pass to the purchaser / hirer until all monies due to StageGear Rentals on any outstanding Invoice has been paid in full.

Return of Equipment
Equipment must be returned by hirer on or before noon on the day following the last day of hire period unless an extension of hire period has been requested and granted or the StageGear Rentals have agreed to collect or receive the equipment at a latter time.
Late returned equipment will be subject to our Daily Hire Fee for each day or part day until returned to StageGear Rentals or a payment for the full replacement cost has been made. Should StageGear Rentals have to make any phone calls, or send Fax or Email messages regarding non-returned equipment a minimum charge of £10.00 will be made. Should StageGear Rentals have to travel to any location to recover the equipment the cost of such recovery will be chargeable at our normal Engineering Rates, plus mileage, subject to a minimum charge of £75.00.

Responsibility for Equipment
The Hirer will be responsible for the equipment during the hire period, for damage, loss and Third Party Claims arising out of use of equipment. Any loss or damage must be reported to the StageGear Rentals immediately. In the case of loss or theft the facts should also be reported to your nearest Police Station.

Hirers are advised to ensure that they have adequate Insurance Cover for Equipment and a minimum of £5 million for Third Party Claims (Note: – some venues may require a higher value).

Lamp failure
• Replace the faulty lamp with the spare provided.
• Return the faulty lamp in the carton from which the new one was taken
• Inform us of the substitution when equipment is returned
All spare lamps, leads and accessories not returned will be charged for at current retail prices.

Fuse Failure
StageGear Rentals will not supply spare fuses with any hired equipment (except where lamp failure is known to be a likely contributory cause).
Fuses are in equipment for safety reasons thus in most instances when a fuse has blown it is to be assumed that equipment needs investigation by a competent person before replacement. Engineers who wish to replace fuses must obtain permission from ourselves before proceeding with any replacement.

RCD Trips
Residual Current Breakers are fitted to some of the mains distribution boxes we may supply to you. These offer a high protection against electrocution but in some field environments can trip for little apparent reason. Having checked the system for probable faults, e.g damp ingress into equipment, users may reset. However, if tripping persists a full investigation should be made for fault/s.

MCB Trips
MCBs will trip in response to a current overload at a much faster speed to cartridge or wire fuses. Users, should ensure that the load on the affected circuit is reduced to the rated load of the MCB, after this correction re-setting the MCB should restore the system. However, if part of the load on a circuit are high power audio amplifiers, such as we supply with a number of our systems, occasionally although the load on the circuit appears to be below the rating of the MCB it will trip. This is due to “inrush” current. To solve this problem, turn off amplifiers, re-set MCB, then turn on amplifiers one at a time.

Cable Failures
In event of suspected cable failure or damage to cables which causes failure Hirer must segregate this cable and return it to StageGear Rentals separately for our inspection and repair. Unless it is obvious that damage has been cause by misuse or other deliberate act StageGear Rentals will not normally charge for repair.
Hirers may arrange repair of failed cables by competent person with appropriate tools and test equipment should this be desirable to enable event to proceed. But must identify such cable/s for subsequent inspection by ourselves on return of equipment.

Equipment Failure
Whilst every care is taken in the maintenance of equipment, no guarantee is given that failure will not occur. In the event of a failure the liability of StageGear Rentals is limited to the cancellation of all or part of the hire fee according to the circumstances at our discretion. No liability can be accepted for failure due to misuse by the Hirer or due to any damage to equipment whilst on hire from what ever cause.
No liability can be accepted for any consequential loss incurred by the Hirer.

Emergency Call Out
Where the Hirer requests that StageGear Rentals attend site due to apparent equipment failure, the Hirer will be liable to a charge for Engineering Services whether or not a fault is subsequently found with the equipment.

Non Delivery
Every reasonable effort will be made to supply equipment and services requested but StageGear Rentals can not be held responsible for:-

• Late or non delivery of equipment obtained from outside sources
• Late arrival due to transport breakdown, traffic and weather conditions
• Cancellations due to industrial action, fire, flood, theft, etc
• Delays caused by non-return of equipment from a previous hire.

Cancellation Hire Fees will be charged at the following rates: –
• 30 or more days before 1st day of expected hire – nil.
• 29 – 15 days prior to commencement – 25% of quoted hire fee
• 14 – 7 days prior to commencement – 50% of quoted hire fee
• 7 – 3 days prior to commencement – 50% of quoted hire fee plus 50% of quoted engineering services fees
• Less than 48 hours before 08.00hrs of day of commencement 100% of all fees due, except mileage costs and unexpended consumable costs.
All deposits are non-refundable, and will be chargeable to the hirer in all circumstances.

Equipment is offered subject to availability

Right to Refuse Custom
We reserve the right to refuse to hire equipment to any person, firm or organisation without stating a reason.


Hire Fees
Quoted Price will be held for equipment as specified in quote. Additional equipment supplied will be subject to current Hire Charges. Postponed events or similar events on another date will always be subject to separate quotation.

Engineering Services / Mileage / Consumables
Quotation has been based on our estimate of expected time, distance usage etc. StageGear Rentals reserves the right to make additional charges based on actual time and usage etc. To enable customers to comply with payment terms, interim invoices may have been prepared prior to event; thus additional Invoices may be raised.

Copyrights / Performing Rights etc
StageGear Rentals is not responsible for the seeking or paying of any Copyright or Performing Rights for any music, play, poem or other material played or performed using any of our equipment.
Hirers and organisers of events are strongly advised to check their usage of any material with the Performing Rights Society, Mechanical Copyright Protection Society, individual copyright holder’s etc before proceeding with their event.

Other Licences
The Hirer shall be responsible for the seeking and paying of any Licence required by Local Authorities etc for the event at which the equipment is used. This shall include the cost of any licence or inspection relating directly to the use of the equipment supplied by StageGear Rentals.
Note: In respect of Licences for use of Radio Microphones StageGear Rentals will arrange these on behalf of the Hirer and re-charge them at cost, if required.

Use of Equipment for Defamatory Messages or to Incite Racial or other Prejudices or Blasphemy or Criminal Activity or Terroist Activity
StageGear Rentals expressly forbids the use of equipment by any person or group of persons who use or are likely to use the equipment to promote any idea, which does or might promote racial, religious, gender or sexual discrimination either in this Country or Overseas against any individual or group of individuals. Or the use of blasphemous or profane language by any speaker or group of speakers using the equipment. Or the promotion of or incitement to any Criminal Activity or Terrorist Activity.
In the event of any such use, in the opinion of a Director or employee of StageGear Rentals Ltd, we reserve the right to immediately silence such a speaker, switch off, disable and remove the equipment so that no further statements of such a nature can be made using our equipment. In the event of such silencing, disabling or removal the Hirer, even if not personally making the statements, shall be liable for the full Hire Fees as if the equipment had been in use for the full booked time.

The decision taken by the Director or Employee at the time of the speech will be considered sufficient and final in all circumstances.

StageGear Rentals will permit the use of the equipment by legitimate Political Parties and Campaigning Groups for election addresses etc. However, we may restrict such use to Parties / Issues which would be supported by the Directors.