Wedding Services

  • Speech Public Address
  • Live Music & DJ Systems
  • LED Dance Floors
  • Venue Lighting
  • Pea Lighting
  • Temporary Power Solutions (for when there is no Mains Power, or a limited Mains supply)

StageGear Rentals offer a wide range of services for Weddings enhance the venue and entertaining your special guest on your special day.

Every wedding is different, and therefore we are more than happy to meet with you at your proposed venue to discuss options that are available, but also workable whilst understanding budgets.

StageGear has supplied systems and equipment to many Isle of Wight venues. We work closely with a range of other wedding suppliers locally and can liaise directly with your venue or marquee supplier to ensure equipment is installed with a minimum of fuss. Having extensive knowledge of these suppliers, along with knowing what most venues will allow, coupled with your needs, allows us to offer advice based on our experience, deliver the right package to suit you and therefore each package is tailored for your special day.

It is preferable that we meet with you in our wedding showroom, based in Cowes, to see some ideas. Simply get in touch for an appointment.

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Don’t worry if you can’t see what you want for your special day, we have lots to offer – we’re happy to have an informal chat

Every venue will have different requirements, some require additional lighting, whether this be coloured internal wall up lighting, or they may only offer the traditional parquet dance floor, and you would prefer an LED starlit option or a simple black and white check floor. Many venues including Marquees do not have sufficient mains power available so a temporary generator and electrical installation may be needed.

A number of venues can not offer Speech Public address systems, a must for the all-important wedding speeches, so this may be required for people who are not used to public speaking, and this may mean there will be no music available, whether it be quiet background music, loud dance floor music in the evening or even both, we have audio systems that can offer all of these options in one solution.

Many wedding venues benefit from the addition of wall or venue up lighting and pea lighting which both help to provide a magical atmosphere. In addition, festoon lighting can enhance pathways and exterior areas – take a look at our lighting ideas below for a hint of what we can help you achieve.